Haro, Feldt, Lockon

Home Ownership

As of today we are home-owners!!! XD

We're moving this week and hope to be fully moved in Saturday (complete with furniture and internet and such =)

We're exhausted (already) but really happy!!!!!

Haro, Feldt, Lockon

Bar Exam

So I took the Bar last week...

It was long and exhausting although it seemed easier than my first attempt and I'm pretty sure I did better this time.

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck. I get my results in May so I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed...

Right now I'm just enjoying having time to work, exercise, play with the kitties, hang out with Jessiah, and relax without having to study. I'll be getting started on cosplay stuff for Fanime and AX soon though =)
Haro, Feldt, Lockon

California State Bar

Hi everyone.... =)

I just wanted to say sorry for being AWOL lately- I take the California State Bar this Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and it's been pretty much taking up all of my time (and brain)

I promise I'll be more communicative after its over =)

Cross your fingers for me- I intend to pass but extra luck can't hurt=)
Haro, Feldt, Lockon

Our Cats

I know most of my F-list is aware that Jessiah and I lost our much beloved cat, Tiger Monster to cancer just after New Years. His sister, Dinner Monkey, who had never been seperated from him was very unhappy after his death and had put on weight and kept looking for him.

So to help her out and to give her a new companion we brought home a new kitten: Mischief Tiger Shark (yes we like unique pet names =)

At first Dinner Monkey was confuesed by the new addition, but now she seems MUCH happier- she has already lost the weight she gained and and the two cats play together. Mischief Tiger Shark is adorable and playful, and wants nothing more than to play, climb all over us, and purr.

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Haro, Feldt, Lockon

Anime LA Cosplay

I figured I should post some of my favorite pics from Anime LA. The first six were taken by the very talented naeokun (Thank you!!! =) and the last two are from AmericanCosplayParadise.  If you like these, there are a few more shots up on my coscom (same user name =)

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Haro, Feldt, Lockon


So on the subject of Episode 15 I guess I will be making an Anew cosplay...

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I also need to finish my Season 2 Allelujah and Soma (and possibly a Mr. Bushido for Jessiah)

I think I may also plan on Reiko Holinger for AX since Jessiah's been saying I should do it for a while now, and shiimapan is planning on Catherin Blitzen


Haro, Feldt, Lockon

Tiger Monster

To all my new and old friends...

i'm sorry that I have been and probably will be a little non-communicative. I will try to respond to everyone from ALA over the next week.

Jessiah and I had a great time at ALA meeting and spending time with everyone.

Unfortunately, when we got back home, we found that our beautiful four and a half year old kitty, Tiger Monster was sick. We took him to the vet but he was very disoriented and acting drugged. After doing blood work and an x-ray the vet decided to do exploratory surgery to discover the source of the illness. The vet removed a tumor the size of a human fist, and discovered that our poor kittys organs were riddled with inoperable cancer.  The cancer had spread to every lobe of his liver and his kidneys and we were told that he could not possibly survive, and that his organs were shutting  down so we were forced to have him put down to keep him from suffering.

We will miss our Tiger Monster very much. He was a beautiful and intelligent cat who loved to play and loved nothing more than to snuggle up with us and get petted. His sister, Dinner Monkey is very confused and upset, and his death is especially distressing since it was so sudden, and since he was playing and acting normal up until just a few days ago.

We all love and miss our kitty-baby very much. The picture above is of him playing at Christmas...